Our Vision

Inventions to improve quality of life.


ExploraMed is a venture-backed medical device incubator dedicated to the identification, creation, and development of novel solutions to meet the unmet health needs of patients around the world.


ExploraMed's primary mission is to significantly improve the quality of life for patients through unique solutions to long-standing health issues or concerns. Our solutions not only create value for our customers and shareholders, but also importantly improve the quality of life for those patients we serve. ExploraMed and all of our companies share a common mission and purpose, which is to make an impact on the world through the work we do to improve patients' lives.  We believe we can do this by challenging traditional thinking in healthcare while keeping the time honored values of compassion, empathy and respect front and center.

How We Do It

It starts by finding important unmet health needs.  Based on understanding the health need from every stakeholder’s perspective, including the patient and physician, we invent new ideas to address that need.  We must believe the innovation will actually reach patients at the end of our process.  After thoroughly vetting each possible solution, we choose the best one.  If we think it’s a great technological innovation but we cannot protect the idea with IP, or complete the necessary clinical trial, then we move past that idea. The patient is at our core and a constant focal point of our assessment and re-assessment.

Once we identify the key unmet need we will focus on, we begin the invention process, as well as the creation of the company and the implementation of our business strategy. We then inject capital, intellectual property and our unique expertise in clinical studies, engineering, legal guidance, and strategic marketing. We commit to efficient and timely development with every new company we start.


Great partners are a fundamental component of our success. New Enterprise Associates and several key industry and clinical leaders, have supported ExploraMed in successfully creating 8 companies to date through four separate funds. Together, we have helped hundreds of thousands of patients with diverse needs through this great syndicate. Never satisfied with our past learning and accomplishments, we have recently closed ExploraMed V so we can continue our quest.

Our Quest

ExploraMed V gives us access to new capital for further medical innovation in new areas for the patients who remain waiting for solutions. We are excited to be back at the drawing board and imagining novel ideas that will become companies.

As always, ExploraMed is ready to think differently about traditional health care and challenge all of our beliefs in order to create a compelling innovation or treatment that meets the needs of patients today and in the future.


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Joshua Makower
M.D., Founder and Executive Chairman